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    Alone in the Dark - PC

    Производитель: Eden Games
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    • A New Inventory System ? Players utilize the pockets of protagonist Edward Carnby to hold items which they can view, switch and combine without leaving the game.
    • Narrative intensity ? Taking its cues from blockbuster TV dramas, the story is told in a TV season style narrative structure based around episodes that deliver maximum intensity throughout and keep the player hooked.
    • A Captivating Story ? Centered in iconic Central Park long-time series protagonist and paranormal specialist Edward Carnby returns to delve into the frightening events occurring in the Big Apple.
    • Real World Rules ? In-Game movement has been designed to allow players to do almost anything that is physically possible in the real world.
    • Photographic Rendering Game developer Edens Propriety Twilight technology creates a lavishly detailed game world with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects.
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