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    Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set

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    Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set

    Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set - 3

    Product Description

    It’s widely known in Sylvania that twins mean more than double the mischief. Kabe and Breeze are too little to have their own adventures, but they love to be trundled around the meadow in their beautiful double pram. With one wide eyed, and the other partial to shut eye, these two little tots are truly adorable. And if they do start causing mischief, then there’s a toy each to keep them busy and smiling! Clad in pretty pink and orange togs with pretty white detail, these two are as sweet as sugar cubes! This set includes Kabe Chocolate and Breeze, the Chocolate Rabbit twin babies.

    Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set - 1

    Box Contents

    Kabe and Breeze the Chocolate Rabbit Twin Babies, with pram