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    La Beaute

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    מסכת הוט קוטור , לה בוטה, haute couture mask, la beaute

    La Beaute - Haute Couture Mask

    Luxurious mask with 100% pure hyaluronic acid for fast and intensive care and restoration of normal to very dry hair. No salts and no parabens.
    ₪ 149.00
    מסכת אינטנסיב, la beaute

    La Beaute - Intensive mask

    Hair mask for intensive restoration of thick and dry to very dry hair. Also suitable for hair that has undergone dyeing, straightening and chemical treatments. No salts and no parabens.
    ₪ 109.00
    ספריי מולטי טריטמנט לשיער, la beaute
    שמפו סילברפלקס ,  לטיפוח ושיקום שיער בלונדיני , אפור

    Silverflex shampoo

    Shampoo suitable for toned hair, bleach and for men with gray hair who want to preserve the color of the hair so that it does not bleach and maintain a healthy tone. No salts and no parabens.
    ₪ 79.00
    מסכת אליקסיר, לה בוטה, elixir, la beaute

    La Beaute - Elixir mask

    A mask for treating thin hair and / or having an oily scalp. The Elixir series is mostly based on natural ingredients and contains fine, effective products with a light and airy texture that is suitable for oily scalp. No salts and no parabens.
    ₪ 97.00
    שמפו הוט קוטור, לה בוטה, la beaute, haute couture

    La Beaute - Haute couture shampoo

    The shampoo restores the hair, cleanses it completely and prepares it for the absorption of the mask and serum in an optimal way.
    ₪ 96.00