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    La Beaute - Silverplex serum - for blond / gray hair

    Serum for the care and protection of blond / gray hair. Also suitable for toned hair.
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    Cold-pressed organic argan oil -  which gives the hair moisture for a long time, makes it feel smoother and shinier, and helps it to be stronger and healthier. The unique oil is known worldwide as helping to build and maintain hair and even helps maintain color or smoothing results.

    Pure keratin protein - which helps restore, strengthen, and protect the hair.

     Silver pigment from England at the highest level in the world - which is a type of color that maintains the color of the hair. Unlike synthetic silver powders that can dry out the hair due to the pigment and color they contain, La Bota's unique formula contains a texture enriched with keratin and organic argan oil in cold pressing and enriches the hair with moisture, so the series both protects the pigment and prevents dryness.

    Spread the serum on the hair evenly with the palms of your hands, emphasizing the ends of the hair. For use on damp or dry hair after using the shampoo and mask from the Silverflex series.


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