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    LEGO City Mining Experts Site 60188

    Produttore: Lego
    Cod.: 60188
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    Spedizione gratuita

    Mine for gold

    Man the cab of the big grinder/crusher and get mining!

    Roleplay a mining adventure

    There’s gold to be found in the mine, and plenty of exciting stories!

    LEGO City Mining Experts Site

    Powerful mining equipment

    Turn the knob to spin the drill wheel.

    Fire in the hole

    Use the triggers to 'blow up' part of the mine.

    Watch out for wildlife

    Don’t wake the bear or scare the spider.

    Gather the gold

    Use the front loader to scoop up the gold nuggets.

    Time for lab work

    Bring the gold nuggets to the mobile lab for analysis.

    Put the truck to work

    Load the gold into the truck for transport.

    Includes 6 minifigures

    Plus bear, spider and accessories.

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