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    Marvel’s Iron Man VR

    Fabricante: Sony
    Sku: 745460
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    Marvel’s Iron Man VR
    Don the PlayStation VR headset* to suit up as the Armored Avenger in an original Iron Man adventure!
    Tony Stark has retired from making weapons and instead creates technology used to battle evil as Iron Man. After several years as a world-famous Super Hero, Tony is attacked by the mysterious Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who repurposes old StarkIndustries weapons. In her efforts to topple his empire, Ghost attacks Stark’s corporate locations around the world, leading to ever-escalating stakes and a final showdown.

    Using two PlayStation Move motion controllers** fire up Iron Man’s Repulsor Jets and blast into the skies with an arsenal of iconic Iron Man gear at your fingertips.

    Upgrade tech in Tony Stark’s garage to customise Iron Man’s sleek armour and awesome abilities.

    Face off against one of Iron Man’s greatest foes in high stakes, action-packed battles.