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    Imagen de Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Drakkar Edition
    Imagen de Fruit Ninja

    Fruit Ninja

    ₪ 126.00
    Iron Man 2 - PSP

    Iron Man 2 - PSP

    Suit up and take to the skies again. This brand-new story thrusts you deep into the Iron Man comic world adding to the excitement of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. Battle epic enemies, like the classic Iron Man villain Crimson Dynamo, only featured in the game. In this original story penned exclusively for the game by renowned Iron Man comic writer Matt Fraction, billionaire playboy and tech genius Tony Stark gifts the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. His philanthropic nature isn’t enough to keep the enemies away as they have devious designs on the technology. In the end, the fate of the world will be left in Iron Man’s powerful hands and he must battle to save the world from destruction.
    ₪ 199.00
    Playstation 4 Pro 1TB + FIFA 20

    Playstation 4 Pro 1TB + FIFA 20 + 2 Dualshock4 controllers

    celebrate the authentic culture, style and creativity of urban football in HDR quality graphics with this PlayStation 4 Bundle
    ₪ 2,396.00
    PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Console - Death Stranding Bundle

    PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Limited Edition Console - Death Stranding Bundle

    4K TV Enhanced: When played on a 4K TV, DEATH STRANDING outputs in a dynamic 4K resolution achieved through 4K checkerboard rendering HD TV Enhanced: HD TV players will benefit from increased image clarity through supersampling when playing on PS4 Pro, compared to PS4 (turn on Supersampling Mode in your PS4 Pro system settings to access this feature) HDR TV Compatible: Players with HDR displays can experience DEATH STRANDING in high dynamic range color Tomorrow Is In Your Hands
    ₪ 2,276.00
    PlayStation VR Mega Pack (PS4)
    PlayStation VR Starter Pack (PS4)
    PSVITA Wipeout 2048

    PSVITA Wipeout 2048

    Experience the thrill and speed of anti-gravity racing with Wipeout 2048, as the original hyper velocity racing game is back and completely rebuilt for the PlayStation Vita system. With the sport of anti-gravity racing reaching its popularity, players will compete in the first-ever Anti-Gravity Racing Championships in this prequel to the popular futuristic racing series, Wipeout. Rebuilt exclusively for PS Vitas intuitive controls with a multi-touch interface and motion active tilt controls, players will race through the futuristic city streets to rise up the ranks and win the championship. With new multiplayer modes and PS Vitas Crossplay functionality, players can now race against anyone at anytime with up to eight players simultaneously - including players on the PlayStation 3 - to compete for first place within the online leaderboards. *DLC (Downloadable Content) may not be included and is not guaranteed to work
    ₪ 299.00 ₪ 199.00
    Rock Band Drum Set (PS2, PS3 & PS4)
    Silent Hill Origins - PSP
    SplitFish Dual SFX Evolution Wireless Controller

    SplitFish Dual SFX Evolution Wireless Controller

    PS3 / PC Dual Platform Controller # An INTEGRATED MOTION/ANALOG JOYSTICK system for INCREASED accuracy and control # Adjustable motion sensitivity # Motion level calibration # Programmable motion override # Wheel for sensitivity adjustment and also left/right click # Just plug it in and play # Faster and more accurate # All games supported # Analog Stick Swap Ability # Firmware upgradeable by checking the manufactures Splitfish website for details # PS2 games support on PS3
    ₪ 349.00
    Virtua Tennis 4

    Virtua Tennis 4

    ₪ 399.00 ₪ 79.00
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