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    Resonance of Fate

    Производитель: SEGA
    Артикул: 010086690354
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    Resonance of Fate is developed by the heralded RPG developers, tri-Ace, who have had a hand in developing some of gaming’s most celebrated RPG franchises. Sega and tri-Ace now introduce Resonance of Fate, which adds a new spin to the genre with a new cinematic action gameplay system centered around gun play and a steam punk styled world.

    • Experienced RPG development team, Tri-Ace, behind this entirely new vision of fate within a steam punk world
    • Battle in fantastic cinematic action wielding firearms in a Semi-real time gameplay system
    • Built around the gigantic machine city, the story will delve deep into fate and the machinery that controls it.
    • Masterfully crafted environments illustrate the deep tapestry of this dystopian world
    • Customize your characters and weapons changing your playing experience visually and within the gameplay