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    Scarlet Nexus

    Виробник : Microsoft
    SKU : 754783
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    Scarlet Nexus, Optimized for Xbox Series X, A man kneels with large hair-like strands flowing from him

    Unleash the Power of the Mind

    Take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi, a new recruit to the OSF aiming to become an elite psionic like the one who saved him as a child. Armed with a talent in psycho-kinesis, explore the futuristic city of New Himuka and uncover the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities in SCARLET NEXUS.

    Kinetic Psychic Combat

    Using psycho-kinetic abilities, the world around you becomes your greatest weapon. Lift, break and throw pieces of your environment to build your attack combos and lay waste to your enemies.

    Yuito uses his psycho-kinetic powers to throw a Taxi at an enemy

    Exterminate the Others

    Deranged mutants that descended from the sky, highly resistant to conventional attack methods and defenses. Tormented by the constant pain of their mutation, they seek brains of living organisms to calm their madness.

    Yuito attacks a large hive-like enemy with large slashes

    Discover a Brain Punk future

    Explore and protect a futuristic Japanese landscape that combines inspirations from classic anime and western science fiction.

    Tall buildings in Japan with many digital billboards and signs