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    Sylvanian Families - Fruit Wagon

    Fabricante: Sylvanian Families
    Sku: 5265
    Precio antiguo: ₪ 69.00
    ₪ 62.00
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    Product Description

    A wagon for selling lots of fresh, paw-picked fruit. Write the day’s recommendations on a sign and remember to unload the crates of fruit from the back of the wagon to set up your stall. With a rainbow of nine different fruits, the Fruit Wagon stocks only the freshest of produce and is the place to get your Sylvanians their five a day. Weigh purchases using the scales provided and write the recommendations of the day on the sign out front – don’t forget to pop everything back in the boxes at the end of the day.

    Box Contents

    Wagon, scale, scale basket, sign, box A, box B, box C x 2, rack, bunch of bananas x 4, orange x 5, apple x 4, bunch of grapes x 3, lemon x 3, pear x 2, melon, bunch of raspberries, bunch of blueberries (total 33 parts)